Self-Directed Seek and Find Library Programs

1239796766_treasure_map_sample[1]This month I’ve rounded up some ideas for self-directed seek and find activities in the library. Even in small libraries, scavenger hunts can be a great way to introduce your patrons to sections of the library which they might not otherwise discover or explore.

  • Gnome Hunting at Reading with Red: Find the gnome and check out a book from that section of shelving; a great way to also increase circulation!
  • Library Scavenger Hunt at Lessa Librarian: Take photos and have patrons locate where the item is in the library, and several other ideas.
  • Great Character Hunt at Fat Girl Reading: Find multiple characters throughout the library.
  • Summer Seek and Find at The Show Me Librarian: Find a different character each week and learn something new about the library!
  • Wimpy Station at Future Librarian Superhero: Use a hunt to highlight new additions to your collection or to celebrate a newly published book in a popular series.
  • Tween Scavenger Hunt at Bryce Don’t Play: Includes downloadable materials to make it even easier for you!
  • I Spy Board at Abby the Librarian: You don’t even have to hide anything!

Note that a few of these programs do not include a prize, and instead use the intangible reward of contributing to charting the progress of the program with a sticker on a chart or their name on the wall when they complete the activity.

Have you tried library scavenger hunts? Share your tips for success in the comments!


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