Early Learning with Vroom

PrintLibrary story times are geared toward developing young minds and building skills that children will need for school. However, story time at the library is only a small part of a child’s week. The rest of the time a child’s development is up to parents and other caregivers. As a librarian, you can help by equipping parents to support children’s development at home.

Vroom is an app based on research and developed with funding provided by the Bezos Family Foundation to help parents support their child’s brain development during the crucial first 5 years of life. The app provides daily tips and is free to download from Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

Of course not all parents have smartphones, so the tools and activities are also available on the website, including flyers you can download and print to hand out to parents. Each activity is labeled with an age range and includes background on why the activity is important to a child’s development.

It is easy enough to pass out flyers at story time, but there is also a playbook you can use for ideas to help bring Vroom to your entire community. There is a whole Dropbox folder of materials and tools, including low-ink versions of the flyers for printing in-house.

What do you do to encourage parents to work with their children at home? Share your suggestions in the comments!


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