Growing Up Healthy

Chld Bikes copyNemours is a nonprofit children’s health organization, committed to improving the health of children. They have a wealth of information about healthy living that is perfect for the 2016 summer reading theme of health, fitness, wellness, and sports.

The Growing Up Healthy section has resources for five areas:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Screen Time
  • Sleep Routines
  • Emotional Wellness

These are all excellent topics, but for library programming purposes, we will focus on the resources available for Physical Activity. The resources are arranged according to audience. There are resources for Families that you can share with parents and caregivers for them to use at home. There are also resources for Educators, which can be used for library programs. The “Get Kids Moving” tab has “Helpful Handouts” you can print and distribute. The “Helpful Resources” tab has links to lots of useful tools, including:

  • A Sesame Street “Healthy Habits for Life” kit with lots of ideas, as well as songs and printable templates for activities that would be perfect for story time as well.
  • KidsHealth in the Classroom” which provides Teacher’s Guides for PreK-12 activities.

If you have an early literacy program, definitely check out the Growing, Moving, Learning Infant Toddler Toolkit. You’ll find it under the “Nutrition” tab of Resources for Educators, but it has tons of activity ideas for children from birth to 3 years, organized into three age groups. It would be perfect for a toddler or baby story time. If you only have a preschool story time, it would be ideal for sharing with parents of children who might yet be too young for story time.

How do you incorporate healthy living concepts or physical activity during story time or other library programming? Share your ideas in the comments!

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