Reading BrightStart!

Mother and Daughter Reading Together --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisLast week I highlighted physical activity resources from Nemours. This week I am highlighting Nemours BrightStart! reading program. The mission of BrightStart! “is to promote reading success and prevent reading failure for all children, focusing on birth to age 8.” As librarians, we understand the importance of acquiring reading competency, and this site is a great resource to share with parents to help them develop their child’s skills at home.

The Nemours website has information about the importance of childhood literacy and the BrightStart! program, but BrightStart! also has its own site as well. On it, you will find tools such as Reading Skills by Age and Pre-Reading Milestones from birth to age 5. Pre-Reading Milestones list motor skills, language and cognitive skills, tips for working with your child at home, and developmental warning signs. The section on Pre-Reading Skills covers the development of oral language, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, and beginning writing.

There are Articles for Parents, and parents can also use the Preschool Reading Screener to help determine the reading readiness of their 3-5 year old and generate an action plan. There are also Recommended Books, which you can sort by age group as well as the type of book, such as non-fiction or poetry.

There are also At-Home Activities designed for parents working with their children at home, but you could use them as story time activities as well. They can be sorted by age group and the pre-reading skill you would like to emphasize.

How do you encourage parents to work with their children on literacy skills at home? Share your suggestions in the comments!


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