Community Partners for Summer Reading

Chld Paddleboard copyThis year’s summer reading theme of health, wellness, fitness, and sports lends itself particularly well to building community partnerships. Many organizations are already committed to helping the citizens in your community live healthy, active lifestyles.

Here are some local organizations you might have access to in your community:

  • County Health Districts – Each county has a local public health unit. Check out the directory to find the contact information for the public health staff in your area.
  • Healthy North Dakota –  Healthy North Dakota is a statewide partnership of members “working together and finding solutions for healthier living.”  The Moving More, Eating Smarter Community Program “encourages and supports North Dakota communities in their quest to help their citizens lead healthier lives.” Check the map to see if your community is involved, and find out who to contact.
  • Park and Recreation – Remember we have the State Park Pass Program. Through this partnership, each public library has passes to lend to waive the entrance fees to state parks. If you have a state park nearby, why not pursue a partnership for programs? If you aren’t close to a state park, what other nature or recreation spots are nearby?
  • 4-H – Many kids are already active in 4-H. They offer Healthy Living Programs that might make an ideal partnerships opportunity. They also offer a checklist for assessing the healthfulness of your programs.
  • Athletic teams and organizations – It’s always important to take the baseball practice and swimming lessons schedule into account when planning summer reading programs. Why not reach out to your local athletic teams and organizations to see if you can work together?

If you want to review some basic information on building community partnerships, check out the resources from our 2015 Summer Summit workshops.

What are some local partnership opportunities in your town? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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