Graphic Design Resources for Library Posters

oil-painting-1128693_1280In March I attended a Minitex webinar called “Graphic Design for Maximum Engagement.” It was aimed at librarians and taught by Meggan Press, who is not a graphic designer. She covered tips on layout, color, images, and fonts. The archive (60 min.) is available if you’d like to watch it. It’s well worth it, but in case you don’t have time, I wanted to highlight a few of the resources Meggan shared that could help you improve the posters you create to publicize the programs at your library. Good news – you don’t need to purchase or learn to use any fancy or expensive software!


Meggan emphasized using no more than 3 colors. Here are some resources to help you choose the right combination:

  • Color Palette Generator – This will help you select a color scheme. It will give you 5 options – choose 3.
  • Design Seeds – This will help you select a color palette.
  • Colorzilla – An add-on for Firefox (or a Chrome extension) that will help you match a color source once installed.

Meggan recommended using larger images and shrinking them, rather than trying to enlarge smaller images. This will keep your images crisp and not pixelated. Avoid lame clip art and try these resources for free graphics:


Meggan suggested using dingbats as another way to add impressive images to your posters. If you are looking for a specialized font, try these resources:


You don’t have to start from scratch! Meggan shared a few resources that will provide a starting point so you can customize to fit your needs:

She also shared some infographic generators:

If you are looking for inspiration beyond Pinterest, try Librarian Design Share for library-specific ideas.

I had Kristin Byram, who does the graphic design for the State Library, review these resources and she had additional tips to share with you:

  • Less is more!
  • Avoid paragraphs of text (for information on this concept, see the questions in the “layout” section of the webinar archive)

What are your favorite tips and tools for creating impressive posters? Share your suggestions in the comments!


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