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Grants for Libraries – November 2017

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Photo by Larry used under CC BY SA 3.0

Bank of the West’s Charitable Investments Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Bank of the West supports nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life, particularly of low- and moderate-income individuals and communities. Public nonprofit organizations in the following counties are eligible to apply: Cass, Golden Valley, Griggs, Richland, and Stark. Grants are awarded for education and job training as well as for community and economic development.

Visit their site to find out more and to apply:

Coca-Cola Foundation

Deadline: Ongoing

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Space Needs Assessment

What is a space needs assessment?

Basically, a space needs assessment is a process that documents and analyzes the space needs of a library.

Is my library required to do a space needs assessment? 

While it is a good practice for all libraries to conduct space needs assessments, not all libraries are required to do so.

The North Dakota Library Coordinating Council (NDLCC) Standards for Public Libraries does require space needs assessments for libraries in tiers 3, 4, & 5 (service populations of 5,001-12,500, 12,501-25,000, & 25,000+ respectively). According the the Standards, a “library director with the library board completes an in-house space needs assessment every 5 years and makes report of findings to primary funding entity.”

Space Needs Assessment Resources