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Open Records & Meetings Resources

According to the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office website:

North Dakota has “sunshine laws,” which make all government records and meetings open to the public unless a specific law authorizes a record to be withheld or a meeting to be closed.

These laws apply to all state and local government agencies, rural fire and ambulance districts, public schools, private businesses or non-profit organizations that are supported by or expending public funds, and contractors, if the contractor is providing services in place of a public entity rather than to that entity.

The courts are not subject to open records and meetings law.

Anyone has the right to attend meetings of a public entity or to access and obtain copies of the entity’s records, regardless of where they live.

Open records and meetings also apply to libraries.

Below is a list of resources relating to open records and meetings laws and procedures.

General resources (great places to start):

Records Resources:

  • Open Records Guide (PDF) – Office of the Attorney General
  • Open Records Manual (PDF) – Office of the Attorney General
  • Template for a public entity to use when responding to an open records request (PDF) – Office of the Attorney General

Meetings Resources:

Closed Meetings and Executive Sessions Resources:

Attorney General Opinions:

Additional Resources: