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Subscribing to Digital Initiatives

Want to stay up to date on what the Digital Initiatives team at the North Dakota State Library (NDSL) is doing? Want to be informed of new projects? Can’t get enough of the NDSL’s content on Digital Horizons? Want to be notified when new items are added to Digital Horizons?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have solutions for you!

Option 1: Newsletters

One way to follow Digital Initiatives is to subscribe to NDSL’s newsletters. The Digital Initiatives team occasionally writes articles for these newsletters. The articles often include information on upcoming events and new projects.

Option 2: Blog

Another way to follow Digital Initiatives is to view our posts on NDSL’s Field Notes blog. Like our articles in the newsletters, these posts include information on upcoming events and new projects; but they also include many other topics relating to digital projects, such as digitization, preservation, tips and tricks, recommendations and best practice, resources, and the occasional “just-for-fun” post.

To specifically monitor blog posts about new content added to NDSL’s collections on Digital Horizons, look for posts titled “New Items Added to Digital Horizons…” Posts like these are added every couple of months. They can also be found here:

Option 3: Social Media

Potentially the easiest way to follow Digital Initiatives is through social media.

Digital Initiatives does not have its own Facebook page, but posts relating to Digital Initiatives are often made on NDSL’s Facebook page as well as the Digital Horizons Facebook page.

The same goes for Instagram.

You can also find Digital Initiatives on YouTube, Historypin, and Pinterest.

Option 4: RSS

One final way to follow Digital Initiatives is a little more complex. This method focuses on subscribing to new content that is added to NDSL’s online collections on Digital Horizons via a RSS browser extension. RSS is a web feed that allows users to track updates to online content. RSS is typically symbolized with an orange icon:  rss

Using RSS will allow you to subscribe to NDSL’s collections on Digital Horizons and will notify you when new items have been uploaded.

For Firefox users, we recommend the Feeder browser extension. For Chrome users, we recommend the RSS Feed Reader browser extension. For Internet Explorer users, we recommend that you discontinue the use of this browser immediately and instead go with either Firefox or Chrome, which are far superior. Both of these extensions are the same. They just have different names for some reason. Because they are the same browser extension, adding feeds to them will follow the same process.

If you already have a favorite RSS browser extension, go ahead and continue using that instead of downloading a new one. However, the instructions below on how to subscribe to feeds use the browser extensions mentioned above. Other RSS browser extensions surely follow a similar subscription process, but their steps will likely be slightly different.

Digital Horizons does not have a handy RSS icon on its collection landing pages; therefore, you cannot click on a RSS icon to automatically subscribe. However, you can subscribe to each collection by adding the appropriate RSS code/URL into the browser extension. Don’t worry, we won’t make you try to figure out these RSS codes/URLs on your own. We got you covered.

The RSS codes/URLs for NDSL’s collections on Digital Horizons are as follows:

To subscribe to one of the collections listed above and add them to your RSS, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the RSS icon at the right top of your browser.
  2. Click on the plus icon to add a feed. You will then be redirected to the RSS extension’s page.
  3. Copy one of the URLs above and paste it into the Search bar.
  4. Click “Search.” The collection feed should appear in the area below.
  5. Click the “+ Follow” button. The feed will then be added to your RSS browser extension.

Repeat this process to subscribe to each collection.


When new content is added to the collection, there will be a notification on the RSS extension icon. There will be a small number that appears on the icon reflecting the number of new items that have been uploaded.

Click on the RSS icon and then click on the collection to see the title of the newly added items. Clicking on the title will redirect you to the item record on Digital Horizons.


Feel free to contact Digital Initiatives with any questions.

New Online Atlas Collection

The North Dakota State Library has launched a new digital collection: North Dakota Atlases and Plat Books. The collection can be accessed online on Digital Horizons by anyone from anywhere, completely free of charge.

The collection is comprised of historical atlases and plat books from North Dakota counties, primarily dating from the 1890s to the 1910s. There are currently 15 items in the collection, and more are continuously being added. The counties presently represented in the collection are Adams, Barnes, Benson, Bottineau, Bowman, Burke, Burleigh, Cass, Cavalier, Foster, Stark, Steele, Traill, and Williams.

Digital Horizons is an online digital library consisting of thousands of images, documents, videos, and oral histories depicting life on the Northern Plains. The State Library is one of the members of the Digital Horizons consortium. Other members include the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Prairie Public Broadcasting, North Dakota State University, Concordia College, and the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library.

Contact the Digital Initiatives team with any questions on this new atlas collection, Digital Horizons, or any other digital project at the State Library.

New Items Added to Digital Horizons (Dec. 2018 – Jan. 2019)

The Digital Initiatives team has been keeping busy. Many items have been uploaded onto Digital Horizons the last couple months. Listed below is a highlight of new items added to the North Dakota State Library’s online collections. You can access the items featured below by clicking on them or by visiting the Digital Horizons website (where you will also find thousands of other treasures).

ND Memories

ND County and Town Histories

ND State Documents