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What would I have done differently in my teaching career if I had known about dysgraphia? This invisible disability is of particular interest as October is National Dyslexia Awareness month, and sometimes dysgraphia goes hand in hand with dyslexia.

Recently I read about dysgraphia in Edutopia, an online education website that shares “evidence and practitioner-based learning strategies that empower educators to improve K-12 education.” I learned that dysgraphia manifests itself in a student’s handwriting: inconsistent letter formation and problems with word spacing, punctuation, and capitalization. As these students move through school, they have trouble with writing fluency, floating margins and legible writing. I know that I had students that exhibited these traits. These students are oftentimes labeled sloppy, lazy or not detail-oriented.

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Your Library Has What?! A Guide to Libraries of Things

Libraries have circulated books since the 19th Century, and, as AV materials became available, so did the ability to circulate music and movies (in whatever format was currently available). In the past 5 years, however, there has been an uptick in libraries circulating materials considered “non-traditional.” Patrons of libraries with a “Library of Things” may find themselves checking out Halloween costumes, snowshoes, artwork, instruments, or any number of things their heart could desire. Libraries around the globe are doing what they can to help provide their communities with items to make their every-day lives easier.

Many librarians are scared to take on this new collection since it seems so unprecedented, but fear not. We have collected tips and tricks from around the library-sphere (and internet) to help make the plunge a little bit easier. Read on to have your fears put to rest.

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