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Starting a Friends of the Library Group


Let’s face it – life is better when we have good friends to enjoy it with. Friends are always there to help us when we need a hand, and to support the many endeavors we may take on. In the same way, friends are a great asset to libraries. Many libraries have established Friends of the Library groups to support their activities and services. Friends groups exist to provide support to libraries in a variety of ways, from fundraising and volunteer services, to program support and advocating for the library in the community. Friends groups make a huge difference for libraries of all types, though they are most common in public libraries. If your library has an active, helpful friends group, good for you! It’s great to know that you have a built-in group of supporters who are ready to pitch in to help and to raise their voices in support of the library when the need arises.  If you’re interested in getting a friends group started at your library in North Dakota, we’re here to help!  Continue reading


Thank You for Being a Friend

Friends of the Library groups are a great benefit to libraries through their fundraising projects, volunteer support, and advocacy efforts in the community. Friends can be a voice for the library in the community, as well as extra brains and hands to help with programs, projects, and other efforts at the library. Whether your library is considering starting a friends group, or already has a thriving group of friends working on its behalf, you may find that your group needs a hand, information, or good advice from time to time.

United for Libraries

United for Libraries, ALA’s Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations, provides support for citizens who promote, advocate, and fundraise for libraries of all types. One of the  many great resources on their site is a collection of Friends and Foundation Fact Sheets. The Fact Sheets cover such topics as:

United For Libraries’ Fact Sheets can be a great help for friends groups and libraries as they work together to build a great working relationship and build support for the library in the community.