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Superhero Books for Teens

UnmaskSloganAt one of the Summer Reading Workshops in February, a librarian asked for superhero themed books for her teen book club. I did a bit of research and thought I’d share it.

While there are a lot of books for teens with protagonists who have superpowers or supernatural abilities of some sort, there were not nearly as many books with a superhero element for teens as there were for kids and adults. If you are looking for recommendations for superhero books for any age, check out Superhero Novels for reviews.

If you don’t have a teen book club at your library, check out these tips for starting and running one successfully.

Do you have any other suggestions for superhero books for teens? Share them in the comments!


Book to Art Clubs

back of coulor pencilsIf the usage of the book club kits we offer at the State Library is any indication, book clubs are very popular in North Dakota libraries!

Bring a new element to your book club offerings by trying a book to art club. The official Book to Art Club was created by The Library as Incubator Project, and was designed as a way “to find hands-on, creative ways to engage with literature.”

A book to art club is perfect for crafty book lovers, but it would work for any book club looking to branch out a bit. If traditional book clubs haven’t taken off at your library, perhaps this would be the perfect way to engage other readers. As the Club page says “the process of art-making is more important than the product,” so you don’t have to worry about being a skilled artist.

The book to Art Club has a list of titles that have already been read for past clubs, and it also includes upcoming titles. Each book has a Pinterest page of related art to help inspire you.  There are several titles with cross-over appeal that would appeal to kids and teens as well as adults. There isn’t much overlap in their selections and the book club kits available at the State Library, but a little research on Pinterest goes a long way when it come to craft ideas. And you can always upcycle weeded books into works of art!

Whether or not you follow along with their suggestions, there is a Facilitator’s Guide available to walk you through the process of hosting a book to art club. There are ideas to get you started, but feel free to adapt it to the needs of your library.

Have you tried alternate ways of engaging your book clubs? Have any of them involved art? Share your ideas in the comments!

Teen Book Clubs

book clubBooks clubs are common library programs, but they are usually geared towards adults. However, if you’re looking to expand the services you offer to teens, why not try a book club, since it’s a programming option with which you are already familiar?

If your library doesn’t already have book clubs, ALA has a quick start guide that walks you through the basics: how to structure a meeting, how to choose a book, and how to hold a book discussion, including generic questions for fiction and non-fiction books.

The Hennepin County Library also provides a helpful overview of how to start a book club specifically for kids or teens. They even discussion guides for a number of popular teen books. The Cooperative Children’s Book Center also offers book discussion guidelines.

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