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Decorating for Valentine’s Day

Brighten up the library for Valentine’s Day with some heart book art!

valentine craft decor idea framed hearts how toFramed Hearts Valentine’s Decor

Heart Punch V-Day Craft 10Heart Punch Valentine Art

If you don’t happen to have any spare frames laying around, use a book to make a picture frame. Or for a really simple frame, just attach your art to the front of a book with a red cover!

heart flowersMake a bouquet of flowers out of heart shapes.

Don’t have any weeded books? Not sure how to start weeding your collection? Check out the CREW manual, or if you’re in North Dakota contact, your Field Services librarian. We can help you get started!

Winter Book Page Crafts

Now that the Christmas season is over, it’s time to update the library decor with more art made from your weeded books!

book page snowman

Make a book snowman.

book page snowflakes

Fold and cut some snowflakes.

For help with constructing the pinwheels, check out this tutorial.

Or try a super easy, no-scissors-required snowflake.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, try a woven book page snowflake.

snowflake wreath

Hang a snowflake wreath.

For a hanging decoration involving less cutting, try a snowflake banner instead.

Don’t have any weeded books on hand to craft with? Get a jump on spring cleaning the library by starting a weeding project. If you need help getting started, consult the CREW manual, or call your Field Services librarian.

Book Crafts for Christmas

Spread some holiday cheer by decorating your library with weeded books!

book christmas treeFolded Book Christmas Tree

honeycomb book page ornamentsHoneycomb Book Page Ornaments

book page wreathRolled Book Page Wreath

How are you decorating your library for the holidays?

For more inspiration, check out the decorations the staff of the Edna Ralston Library in Larimore made for their 2012 Holiday Open House:

edna ralston book page rose detail
edna ralston book page star garland
Check out the decorations for their 2013 Holiday Open House on Facebook.

Book Page Turkeys

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. If you’re feeling thankful, why not decorate the library with turkeys made from weeded books?

bookpage turkey1

Clothespin Turkeys

bookpage turkey2

Book Page Turkeys

bookpage turkey3

Rolled Book Page Turkeys

If you would like help getting started weeding your library, you can consult the CREW manual, or call your Field Services librarian for assistance!

What do you have to be thankful for this year at your library? Share your stories in the comments!

Spooky Book Crafts for Halloween

Halloween is a great time to make decorations with your weeded books! There are so many great themes from which to choose!

book page ghosts
Make some pop-up ghosts.

Or try this with another shape, such as owls.

book page pumpkin mask
Did you Mod Podge a pumpkin last week? Disguise it with a mask!

Or make a book page mask for yourself as an easy costume.

book page skullMake a book page skull, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.

For another crow-themed craft, check out the faux taxidermy from Dollar Store Crafts.

If you’re giving out goodies, you can make treat bags out of book pages. For a different style, check out this design.

For another decorating option, turn pumpkins into book characters!

Do you have a great Halloween decorating idea using weeded books? Share it in the comments!

Fall Book Crafts

Fall began a couple of weeks ago, and if you’re sad to see summer end, why not lift your spirits with some crafting and decorating with using your weeded books?

bookpage pumpkin1

Mod Podge Book Page Pumpkin

bookpage pumpkin2

Orange Book Page Pumpkin
Or trim it up a bit, paint it red, and make it an apple instead!

bookpage leaf garland

Leaf Garland

For an easy leaf art project (no cutting involved), paint watercolor leaves on book pages. For a more ambitious leaf project, try book page oak leaves.

If you would like help getting started weeding your library, you can consult the CREW manual, or call your Field Services librarian for assistance!

Have weeded books? You’re in luck…

Re-purpose weeded books to decorate your library for St. Patrick’s Day!

lucky banner
Lucky Book Page Banner

shamrock banner

Shamrock Book Page Banner

If you’re looking for more crafty inspiration and programming for your library, plan to attend the upcoming Spring Workshop session “Crafts in the Library,” and check out the ODIN catalog for crafts books available at the State Library.

If you’d like to weed your collection, but don’t know where to start, check out the CREW manual or call your Field Services representative. We’ll be happy to visit and help you get started!

Have you used weeded books as decorations before? Share your ideas in the comments!